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This is an ever-growing gallery of projects & works from the Clarke Computer Science Program.  

Community Outreach

 For Assistant Professor of Computer Science Josh Moris, he wanted that return to have an impact not just on the students at Clarke, but throughout the region. 

Josh was able to connect with several businesses looking for help with different areas of technology. One of the first to sign on was the Dubuque Regional Humane Society (DRHS).  

The team presented their final design in December 2022 to DRHS staff, including Executive Director Noelle Chesney. The team not only updated the site, but then provided a brief tutorial on how the staff can build on the foundation the students created.  

Unity Game Development

Computer Science 480 – Advanced Topics, with a project he found through the Student Opportunity Center, an organization that pairs businesses and organizations with higher education institutions around the country. The Clarke students met virtually with the Donaldson Company of Bloomington, Minnesota, who specialize in engine and industrial air, oil, and liquid filtration solutions. The group was then tasked with generating artificial intelligence (AI) or “deep fake” images for Donaldson’s research and development team. 

For this project, inspiration was drawn from our own App and Support Specialist, Paige Hahn ’22. She introduced Josh to MidJourney, an AI program, which guided in-class discussions regarding AI-generated imagery. Assistant Professor of Mathematics O’Neill Kingston provided resources on stable diffusion, which helped the team discover open-source opportunities that could complete the project. .

Josh said. “We even had some fun with the tool as we attempted to create self-portraits in various mediums. I even took images of our mascot Cuttie and placed him into a Marvel comic.”

App Development


Virtual Reality